Shaped in the isolation of 2020, Bloom is the debut album by Bloom 604. It's the result of personal transformation and growth. A flower blooming between the cracks in the concrete, a spirit reaching out for something higher.

"Chills, this time I got chills. (...) Finally, someone who does not forget the instruments played, the rock, and the beginning of a song with a powerful instrumental. The voice is pressing and I swear, I would see the piece well in a film like Trainspotting." –The Soundcheck

"This composition instantly threw me four decades back, when punk rock was dark, depressive, melancholic, and aggressive much more than it is today. Punk Breed resembles late-seventies post-punk music intervened with mid-eighties hardcore punk. Like someone threw Joy Division, TSOL, Agent Orange, and Germs into a pot and stirred until those ingredients were combined." –Thoughts Words Action

written and recorded by Jack Briscoe at Lindsay Studio
produced, mixed, and mastered by Lucas Inacio at FLØVER (
Jack Briscoe – vocals, guitars, drums, bass
Linden Poirier – bass on "Feed the Vultures" "FPNK" and "Oct 21"
Emily Sylvia – backing vocals on "Hospital Exhaustion"
artwork design by Lucas Inacio
photography by Joanne Gerber

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