"the soundtrack of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game set in the World of Darkness" –Self Description

"Frenzied indifference from Vancouver. (...) the epitome of teenage angst with razor riffed guitars and don’t fuck a fuck lyrics"
Diamond Deposits

A label that personifies itself as a band.

Fløver is a music project by Lucas Inacio, a Brazilian-Canadian artist working with photography, music, and video.

He started producing music with his duo Palm Haze, releasing a few singles and two albums,Tangy Dream, in 2017 and Rêve Bleu, in 2019. Complemented by his visual art on singles and albums covers, the releases were not only acclaimed by the music itself, but also by their aesthetic, having been featured by outlets such as Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound, The Globe and Mail.

In 2018 He started releasing singles and performing under the Fløver name, which until then was being used as a label for Palm Haze's releases.

In 2020, with the pandemic disrupting the music industry, he began producing music, artwork, and video content for other artists, releasing his 3rd album Bloom for Bloom 604, marking a new chapter for Fløver as a creative studio and label.

After taking a break to focus on his personal life as a new father, he's now ready to continue the saga of both label and band, with his debut EP "Focusing Illusion" coming in 2024.


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– from upcoming EP Focusing Illusion –
Faded (SINGLE)
– from upcoming EP Focusing Illusion –

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